Hey there!

I’ve written pretty much all my life and have gone through phases of publishing bits online. I wish I still had some of my blogs from when I was 16, although maybe not, I did hide them for a reason!

I’ve decided to start blogging again because of how ‘interesting’ the world is at the moment. My life has changed and is changing like everyone else’s. I’m thinking differently and I’m learning as each day comes. I want to write about what I learn, see and think.

I’m starting my final year as a vet student in London.  Therefore I’m constantly on the road seeking and grabbing at experiences that will help the transition into first year as a vet not quite so traumatizing! This year I’ve been farm president at university which I have loved but wont be able to keep up next year. I have also been a representative for the LGBT group at uni; a very small group that’s growing and we’ve had some really nice events this year.

I’ve always lived in London. I grew up around Romford a town that borders with Essex. Like many, my parents split up when I was young and we never had a huge amount of money. Having three brothers didn’t help! But no, we rarely went without but often getting to the end of the month was a struggle for us and holidays became less often to non-existent. But the word holiday could mean anything, that’s just to give you an idea of my background. My parents were fantastic, they encouraged us in anything that took our interest. I met and played with children from all sorts of backgrounds. I feel like I’ve dipped my toe in a fair number of different worlds, lives, activities , i can see and understand views pretty well even if i don’t agree. But I am definitely naive to a lot of the best and the worst of what the world has to offer.

In the pipe line is a trip to India next year Feb 18 – I’m going out to Jaipur for a month to volunteer with HIS-India an animal shelter and veterinary clinic. I can’t wait! And I’m fundraising for them! You’ll find blogs about my fundraising tasks and my worries/thoughts/excitements about going over there.

As part of the fundraising I’m going to go plastic free for a month on the 19th June. I’ve been preparing for months and it’s needed it! I’ll be writing about the challenges and the perks and what i’ve learned.

I go through phases of reading. Currently, I am going through a big phase. Reading instead of television! Though I do and always will  have a little place in my heart for EastEnders. Awkward.

I’m in a relationship with Rosie. We met online in Feb 16. Without going too cheesy, she has been amazingly supportive and inspiring. She encourages me to think and analyse and just see every side. She is my muse and for that reason she may make quite a few appearances on here. Sorry 😉

Key things that are on my agenda and that I’ll probably write about

  • LGBT rights
  • Feminism
  • Plastic free
  • Politics
  • Travel
  • Books
  • Cooking

Rebecca x